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Know that your new home is being built to last, with our independent inspections. Whilst building your home is one of life's many rewarding achievements remember that building is a complex process, be reassured your dream home is being built to exceptional standards.

Ensuring that your home meets the relevant codes and compliance within NSW, engage the services of David Bratjanscak a qualified home inspector and builder with practical, relevant experience in the following areas; staged at relevant construction stages we are able to provide detailed reports on the following, and or tailor a package to your requirements;

  • Framing inspection

  • Lockup stage inspection

  • Final inspection

  • Pre-handover / practical completion stage inspection

  • Fixing stage inspection

We will ensure to highlight anything out of the ordinary, however big or small. Throughout the entire process David Bratjanscak and team are here to assist you, ensuring that when it comes to hand over stage and beyond, that even the slightest of problems can be rectified.

Our team are more than happy to help, call us with any questions you might have with regards to your potential New Build Report, we are here to share our knowledge.

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