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In order to be confident of your impending home purchase, obtain a Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection from David Bratjanscak the experts in home inspections. As your impending home purchase will be a major financial investment, understanding the health condition is imperative; it provides insight into any potential major structural problems, causation of damage from drainage issues or the lack of and or termite infestation, just to name a few.

A Pre-Purchase Report should address all of the following areas of the property as per Australian Standards:4349- 0, 1 and 3 of 2007 and 2010 series of standards:

  • Exterior;

  • Interior;

  • Roof exterior (under 3.6 meters off the ground level);

  • Roof void;

  • Sub floor;

  • The site and any outbuildings within 30 meters of the

    main building; 

  • Boundaries;

  • Retaining walls;

  • Safety issues and items;

  • Minor defects;

  • Major defects;

  • Any Cracking to building elements

A detailed report will be provided so that you have the power to purchase with confidence, our reports provide assurances to the current health condition of the home and potential areas that might need consideration in the immediate and long term future.


Our team are more than happy to help, call us with any questions you might have with regards to your potential Pre-Purchase and or Timber Pest Inspection Report, we are here to share our knowledge.

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